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Anecdote Fragrances

Evocative Scents For The Joy Of Remembering


Anecdote Fragrances

Our Story

Fragrance transports us. Our scents stir memories rich in imagery & emotion, bringing to life the stories we’ve lived, the experiences that define us.

Anecdote Fragrances

Vegan + Gluten-Free

Fragrances that feel and smell great. Vegan and free of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, gluten, & harsh dyes. Made in the USA.

Anecdote Fragrances

For Him + Her

Clean, long-lasting fragrances for anyone & everyone. Shop the collection, choose a scent, & make it your own.

Carnival Day by Anecdote Fragrances

Carnival Day

A magical day... sweet cotton candy and caramel corn, dazzling lights and distant music. Carnival Day is a roller-coaster thrill remembered.


Summer Fling by Anecdote Fragrances

Summer Fling

Lazy summer days... endless nights, sun-kissed skin and fleeting love under the stars. Summer Fling is careless dreams remembered.


Havana Lounge by Anecdote Fragrances

Havana Lounge

A Cuban evening... rich cigar smoke, a hazy bar, rum on the rocks and Latin dancing. Havana Lounge is a seductive night remembered.


Weekend Vibe by Anecdote Fragrances

Weekend Vibe

Time to relax... sleeping late, hanging out poolside, carefree bike rides and dinner with friends. Weekend Vibe is lazy days remembered.


After Hours by Anecdote Fragrances

After Hours

The night is young... pounding bass, a crowded dance floor, neon lights and flashy cocktails. After Hours is wild evenings remembered.



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